Black Friday 2022

November 21, 2022  

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Has it been a year already? In the spirit of the season, I’d like to offer you 3 excellent opportunities to save big as you change your world with pleasure, as well as an invitation to the 5 Day Pleasure Diary Challenge starting December 1st (free).

Offer #1: Pay What You Can Single Sessions

I’ve opened up 3 days in my calendar in December to offer single 45 minute sessions for whatever amount you would like to pay. One of my desires for the New Year is to make sessions like this available a few times a year.

PayPal me and include your email address as a comment and I’ll shoot you across the scheduler to book in a time. Otherwise, I don’t offer single sessions outside of Desire Audits, so if you’ve wanted to work together in a more limited capacity, don’t miss out!

Offer #2: Join the 2023 Waitlist to Lock in 2022 Pricing

My rates for private coaching are increasing on January 1st, 2023.

If you know you want to dive deep and transform your experiences of dating, sex, and relationships, from now through November 30th, you can get yourself on the 2023 Waitlist by making a €500 deposit. You lock in 2022 pricing so long as you initiate the coaching journey no later than March 31, 2023.

Get All The Details Here

If you want in, Save Your Spot here.

Offer #3: Join the Pleasure Union Now for the Founding Member Rate

In September, together with my co-conspirators ieva bach and Kate Zoltak, we quietly launched The Pleasure Union, an experimental, first of it’s kind annual membership program. We had no idea how it was going to go.

The Pleasure Union (or just The Union, for short) is a membership community where experimentation, creativity, and curiosity come together to support your journey as a calm, connected, and confident sexual human being. Your membership includes access to a series of live events and self-paced materials and resources.

Since September, we have been refining the programming, adding new events, creating a community space, and building out a membersite.

One thing we’ve discovered is that we have wildly underpriced this offer, and will be course correcting in January.

So, from now until the end of the year, you can join the Pleasure Union for a seriously good deal on what we’re dubbing Founder Member pricing. What’s more, you can keep your access to The Pleasure Union for these rates for as long as you remain a member (if you cancel and rejoin, you would rejoin under the current rates at that time) – you’ll get grandparented in!

Learn more about The Pleasure Union and join here.

Join the 5 Day Pleasure Diary Challenge (FREE)

Would you like to explore new ways to experience pleasure in your life?

Do you love a good writing prompt as much as I do?

Come join us in the The Slutty Activism Community for Anti-Fascist Dating & Relationship Advice for a free 5 Day Pleasure Diary Challenge December 1st – 5th.

We’re celebrating the launch of the BONUS Slutty Activism podcast mini season with 5 all new episodes featuring interviews with extraordinary people on the topic of Uncommon Pleasure.

With such rich content, we wanted to give you the chance to go deeper and play more with these themes.

We guarantee you will learn something new that you never would have thought of before.

And all you have to do to join in is to join our community Facebook group. No email opt-in is required, though you’re invited to join the kickass Slutty Activism daily-ish newsletter if you want to.

In the spirit of extraordinary deals on wonderful, sexy things, I also wanted to share with you a few of the best Black Friday offers from the wider world. I’ll update this post as more offers are released over the coming days.

Getting Conscious with Kink – 6 Classes Online Journey

I have known Seani Wild (previously Seani Love) since 2016, when he came to teach Getting Conscious with Kink in person in Warsaw, Poland. In 2020, Seani converted this workshop into an online experience. Having attended this workshop live in person and live virtually, I recommend learning from Seani if you want to incorporate Conscious Kink into your life.

What’s the deal?

Sign up for Getting Conscious with Kink and use the code DIGNIFIEDHEDONIST for 30% off.

Organic Loven – Body Safe, Eco Friendly, Sex Positive Emporium

Organic Loven is run by the lovely sex goddess Taylor Sparks with a commitment to product quality that is pretty well unmatched. Plus she’s a real person who has built everything you see on that website from the ground up. Her curation is fantastic.

What’s the deal?

Use the code DIGNIFIEDHEDONIST for 10% off your order. Taylor can send you customized product suggestions based on your answers to a questionnaire, or you can try out my general recommendations:

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo – Hot Octopuss is the world’s first, and I would argue best, guybrator. Even though it’s primarily a male sex toy, the Pulse III duo includes a stimulator on top and soft vibrating underside that can be controlled from the outside by using an independent remote for exciting couple’s play.

Liberator Wedge – You might think… huh? How’s this a sex toy? Trust me – adding this 27 degree angle to your sex play is a game changer, regardless of your gender or the genitals you bring to the experience. A little goes a long way to increasing comfort, reducing stress on the body, and allowing for new sensations.

Crave Vesper Vibrating Necklace – This is the most discreet way to make sure you’ve got an excellent vibrator with you when you head out on dates. Sleek, beautiful, surprisingly powerful, and quiet. Makes a classy gift for a friend, too.

Satisfyer Pro Traveler Rechargeable – I love the Satisfyer for the two fold affordability and reliability when it comes to orgasmic bliss. One of the best clitoral toys out there, the Satisfyer uses pulsing air to create a sensation uncannily like a skilled and feather-light tongue.

Dipsea – Professionally Produced, Sex Positive, Inclusive Sexy Audio Stories

The team at Dipsea have been hard at work over the last several years amassing a catalogue of some of the best audio erotica available anywhere. All of their stories are professionally voice acted and produced. The audio erotica at Dipsea is created to be relatable, feminist, and celebratory of sexuality.

What’s the deal?

Head over to this link for a 1 week free trial of Dipsea. If you love it, you will also get 25% off an annual subscription. Put another way, you can get 53 weeks of hot content for less than dinner for two at a restaurant.

Erika Lust – Sex Positive Porn

I regularly recommend Erika Lust’s productions to my clients, one of the main reasons being her porn is some of the only porn that demonstrates consent as a part of the porn itself.

What’s the deal?

If you’re overwhelmed with choice, here are 3 films I recommend:

An Appointment with My Master (2015) – This short film is hot and it’s also a brilliant demonstration of how sexy and powerful consent is as part of sexual play. This films is a great inspiration for how you can weave asking throughout your encounters.

Carne (2016) – This short film is a brilliant blend of funny and sexy, bringing fantasy to life. There’s plenty to be said about the intersection of food and sex, though why would I say it when you could just check out Carne instead?

All Bodies Deserve Pleasure Compilation (2021) – I love this collection for showcasing a wide variety of body types that are either underrepresented in porn or often fetishised in dehumanizing ways. This collection turns this notion on its head and presents humanity in all of its carnal, hedonistic glory. The scene between the two older people is one of my favorites.

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