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Flirting is Adult Play

Most people suck at flirting because they're trying too hard and thinking too much.

In this eBook, learn how to banish awkward pauses and false starts by discovering the Flirt Style that is best suited to you:

The Detective

The Detective’s skills of perception invite others to see deeper beneath the surface.

The Competitor

Competition can create a delicious energy of flirtation. The Competitor presents playful challenges.

The Joker

The Joker displays situational awareness, cultural knowledge, and shared references to elicit laughter.

The Dreamer

The Dreamer lives in the same world we do, but doesn’t see what is, but rather what could be.

The Actor

The Actor loves to include others in play and invites others to participate in an imaginative scene.

The Conspirator

The Conspirator is plotting and scheming, and just can’t wait to include others in his or her plans.

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Who It's For

The Hedonist's Guide to Flirting Archetypes: 6 Flirt Styles You Can Use TODAY is for you if...

You're Single

Learning your Flirt Style will give you a huge assist when it comes to dating, IRL or Virtual. 

You're Married

If your spouse complains that you don't know how to flirt, discovering your Flirt Style will fix that.

You Want to Flirt with Women

Whether it's someone new or the woman who has been in your life for years, knowing your Flirt Style will entice and excite her.

You Want to Flirt with Men

Can't keep your eyes off of him? Make a confident move using the Flirt Style that suits you best and grab his attention!

About the Author

Hi, I'm Sarah

I guide high libido people into a world of pleasure and delight using a proven framework that gets results. I'm in the business of dignified hedonism.

I've helped my clients...

  • Lose their virginity in a way that felt fun and relaxed
  • Find hookups, casual sex, and friends with benefits without feeling creepy
  • Learn how to be more dominant in the bedroom
  • Go on more dates in one week than in the previous decade
  • Learn how to flirt, be that on first dates or in a long term marriage

I can help you, too.

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When I started working with Sarah, I hadn't been on a single date in my life and had no idea how would I even get one. By the end of our work, I've found myself routinely going on more dates in a single week than during the 10 years prior, combined, and being a rejector more often than a rejectee.

Matthew*, 27


I went to Sarah's workshop and less then a month later, I've found my girlfriend. Since I've started going to Sarah's events, I've learned a lot about sexuality, consent and communication and slowly but surely, started applying all of that wonderful knowledge to my own personal life. 

Vernon*, 24


My confidence level is quite high after a long time. I have never been so confident around women frankly. It feels so much simpler and easier. 

I even had a meeting with my manager's manager today and he told me he has never seen me so confident before!

Krish*, 35


*Names and images changed to preserve client confidentiality. Their words are real.