How to Last Longer During Sex in 5 Easy Steps

October 30, 2020  

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So, You’ve Got a Sensitive Penis…

You’re far from alone. Early ejaculation, that is, ejaculating before you want to during partner sex, is a common experience, especially for men who are new to partner sex.

The good news is your sensitivity to pleasure is a blessing in disguise. In sex, you want to be able to experience a lot of pleasure, and you’ve got the ability to do that in spades.

Instead of approaching early-than-wanted ejaculation as a huge problem or thinking it makes you a bad lover, you want to figure out how to enjoy more pleasure with your partner. Your frustration stems, in part, because you’re not having the sexual experience you want to have.

It’s time to get creative so you can start having more of the sex you want to experience.

Beyond the common advice to leverage your refractory period and save penetration for after your first orgasm, here are 5 ways you can have sex for longer, even if you’ve got a sensitive penis.

1. Experiment with depth

For some men who have highly sensitive penises and struggle with early ejaculation, these challenges are not a uniform experience during penetration.

Often, the sensation is the most intense when you move the head of your penis through the entrance of the vagina. You could try out deeper penetration, or thrusting in a way where your penis does not move all of the way out of the vagina.

2. Experiment with positions

You could try positions where her legs stay together while being penetrated. This could include where she lays flat on her belly and keeps her legs together, or spooning sex.

Different positions will mix up the sensation you receive. In particular, in these legs-together sex positrons, part of your penis will be gripped by her thighs and not her vagina, which may help.

3. Use a condom

Condoms have a reputation for dulling sensation, and to an extent, that’s true. The thing is, you want to reduce the sensation you feel somewhat, but not at the expense of experiencing pleasure.

Select a brand of condoms that fits well, and consider trying out non-latex condoms like Skyn. A lot of people have low-level latex sensitivity that make latex condoms uncomfortable.

Also, add a drop or two of lube to the inside of the condom before putting it on. Taking these additional steps for your pleasure is a good way to strike a balance between receiving sensation, but not ALL THE SENSATION.

4. Use a female condom

Female condoms have the same effect of reducing some of the sensation you feel, while at the same time allowing your penis to breath free. They are a fantastic option if you struggle to find male condoms that fit you well. Plus, there’s a considerable novelty factor as most people have never tried female condoms. As a bonus, they’re not made out of latex, too.

Female condoms take a little getting used to and they’re a trickier to put on the first few times your partner does so. Once you have the hand of it, though, they can be a lot of fun! You add lube to female condoms, too, and can decide how much you use.

5. Use a cock ring

Using a cock ring can go both ways. For some men, it increases sensitivity, for others, it reduces sensitivity.

When choosing a cock ring, it’s okay to keep it simple. Stick to stretchy materials like body safe silicone (you’ll find metal rings when you go shopping, leave those for now, especially if you are new to cock rings).

Cock rings have the added benefit of creating a fuller-feeling erection, which can be an interesting sensation for you and enjoyable for your partner.

Explore with Curiosity

With a mindset toward exploration and experimentation, there’s no need spend time feeling ashamed of early ejaculation. Within every challenge you can find opportunities for new and pleasurable experiences.

Use this list as a starting point. See what other ideas come up. Then, try them out! What will work for you will be unique.

And, no matter what you do next, remember to have fun along the way.

About the Author

Sarah Martin, MA, CSC is CEO of Dignified Hedonist, a sexuality support company that helps horny people get laid ethically. Sarah loves rainbows, books, and Pokemon Go.

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