Try Sex Coaching. One-Off Session. No commitment. 

Curious if sex coaching could work for you, but hesitant to commit to on-going coaching? Try a single session at a special price.

What Do You Want for Your Sex Life?

Maybe you know what you DON'T want. Maybe you've got a general idea, like "a girlfriend," "to lose my virginity," "for online dating to not suck," or "to have more flow in my relationship." Or maybe you don't really know what you actually want because you never entertained the idea of having a choice.

Talking about sex can feel awkward for most people. Deciding to actively work on your sex life? It's a big hurdle, especially if you're considering coaching. You want to know what you're getting into before you make a commitment.

Normally, a one-off coaching session costs €300. To give you a chance to try out sex coaching with no ongoing commitment, you can book one 45 minute session for only €89.

In 45 Minutes, We Can Dive Deep on One Issue Related to Dating, Sex, or Relationships. Here's what we could do:

  • Review your approach to online dating, including revisions to one online dating profile
  • Find resources to explore elements of dating, sex, and relationships further
  • Explore if BDSM or Polyamory are good options for you and ask any questions you have
  • Plan a date for your partner that will knock their socks off
  • Get guidance on which sex toys are worth the money and will be right for you
  • And many more besides!

The Details

When you book your session, you'll be sent an email confirmation as well as a Zoom link. At the scheduled time, hop on Zoom and I'll meet you there. Sex Coaching is a talk-based sexuality support service. It's one part asking the right questions and one part tailored sex education. Clothing stays on at all times.

If you'd like a recording of the session, please let me know at the beginning of the call and I'm happy to provide one.

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Your Coach

Hi, I'm Sarah

I guide introverted men into a world of sensual delight using a proven and efficient framework that gets results. I'm in the business of dignified hedonism.

I've helped my clients...

  • Lose their virginity in a way that felt fun and relaxed
  • Find hookups, casual sex, and friends with benefits without feeling creepy
  • Learn how to be more dominant in the bedroom
  • Go on more dates in one week than in the previous decade
  • Learn how to be more dominant in the bedroom

I can help you, too.

When I started working with Sarah, I hadn't been on a single date in my life and had no idea how would I even get one. By the end of our work, I've found myself routinely going on more dates in a single week than during the 10 years prior, combined, and being a rejector more often than a rejectee.

Matthew*, 27


I went to Sarah's workshop and less then a month later, I've found my girlfriend. Since I've started going to Sarah's events, I've learned a lot about sexuality, consent and communication and slowly but surely, started applying all of that wonderful knowledge to my own personal life. 

Vernon*, 24


My confidence level is quite high after a long time. I have never been so confident around women frankly. It feels so much simpler and easier. 

I even had a meeting with my manager's manager today and he told me he has never seen me so confident before!

Krish*, 35


Sarah taught me dating methods which are efficient, but at the same time - decent, with care for the other side. E.g. how to communicate directly about sexual or romantic interaction, in a clear way, without being needy or creepy.

Most importantly - it works! I got a few respectful NOes and, well, a few YESes.

Peter*, 32

Data Scientist

Sarah is normal. You can just talk to her, it won't be intimidating, it won't be awkward. She has this incredible skill of explaining feelings stuff in a logical, almost mathematical way.

She translates emotional to geeky. Sheldon Cooper would get laid in no time after having the talk with Sarah.

Connor*, 31

Medical Doctor

*Names and images changed to preserve client confidentiality. Their words are real.