Exciting Tips and Tricks for Awesome Masturbation

August 17, 2020  

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A lot of materials aimed at improving your sex life (including many of the Get Sex Smart podcast episodes) often focus on partnered sex. However, most of us have our first sexual experiences with ourselves. One of the most direct ways in which we can discover our bodies and sexual preferences is through masturbation. Unfortunately, a lot of the time we abandon the exploration of our bodies and desires once we find something that does the trick. This is why Dr. Valeria and I decided to compile a list of tips that can help you spice up your masturbation sesh, bring you even more pleasure and additionally also improve your partnered sex (should you want it). As a fun bonus feature we also included a round of sex-themed “Would You Rather”, with some pretty hilarious and unexpected results (if you want to jump directly to it, it starts around the 40 minute mark).

Tune in to Episode 91 of the Get Sex Smart podcast to learn:

  • timeless masturbation tips to change up your routine, kick your masturbation up a notch or inspire you to give masturbation a try if you haven’t already;
  • advice on how to get out of the loop of sameness and maintain a balance between what is tried and tested and the new and exciting;
  • what body awareness is and how it impacts partnered sex;
  • how the way you masturbate affects partnered sex anxiety;
  • what edging is and how it can elevate your experience;
  • what to do to incorporate power play in solo masturbation;
  • erogenous zones that can be a great source of pleasure but are often neglected or forgotten;
  • who I would choose between Thor and Tony Stark 😉

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About the Author

Sarah Martin, MA, CSC is CEO of Dignified Hedonist, a sexuality support company that helps horny people get laid ethically. Sarah loves rainbows, books, and Pokemon Go.

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