This sex-negative world tries to divide us from pleasure in many ways…
  • The restrictive straightjacket of gender roles and expectations, especially if you don’t fit neatly inside of the binary ideals held up by your society
  • The frame that treats relationships as mere transactions, leading you to experience a lack of respect or recognition of your humanity from your partners
  • The lack of sex and relationship education, which results in deep loneliness within relationships despite being together with your partner or partners, like you’re just missing each other somehow
  • The crush of grind culture, which leaves you with a nagging feeling of being cast aside, not good enough, or like you don’t measure up
  • The lie that what you deeply desire just isn’t possible, and that you have to make due with settling for what’s realistic
  • All of this within the context of late-stage capitalism, with creeping neofascism spreading across the globe, looming climate catastrophe, and a massive backlash against the sexual rights and freedoms we’ve spent decades fighting for in the first place…

It’s not just you, friend. This is systemic.

The good news?



A Unique Community of Support, Growth, and Play

The Pleasure Union (or just The Union, for short) is a membership community where experimentation, creativity, and curiosity come together to support your journey as a calm, connected, and confident sexual human being. Your membership includes access to a series of live events and self-paced materials and resources.

An Overview

When you join The Union, you’ll have unlimited access to our calendar of events, including group practice, group coaching, self-paced courses, resources & support for community organizers, skills development workshops, and more to support your journey of sexual self-realization and our collective journey changing the world through pleasure.

What’s more, we’ll start our journey together by acknowledging upfront that hierarchical systems of dominance and oppression, including capitalism, white supremacy, imperialism, patriarchy, and ableism, among others, are at the root of most problems, including most of what hampers our experience of authentic and pleasurable sexual connection. 

Sex is the skeleton key to the human race. Handled responsibly, with respect for the dignity and autonomy of all involved, sex is concentrated connection and has immense power.

We live in a world where there is an increasingly urgent threat posed by neofascism - a fascism that draws from the ultranationalist tendencies of early 20th century fascism and takes that ideology out into a borderless internet to infect the minds and hearts of lonely, isolated people all over the world.

This neofascist resurgence, on top of all of the other systems of violence and suppression - the white supremacy, the sexism, the ableism, the racism, the imperialism, the classism, the climate catastrophe, the new wars - it’s a lot. 

We cannot turn the tide on any of this alone, as individuals acting in isolation.

Connection is our salvation. The biggest individual impact we can have comes through how we relate with others and the amount of pleasure we co-create in the world. 

Given that effective resistance is collective, isn’t it interesting that we haven’t been equipped with effective sex and relationship skills? In fact, we’ve mostly been set up to fail. That you have found your way here to reading these words in the first place speaks volumes about the resistance and yearning that exist in your heart.

There is another way.

The Union is here to address these dating, sex, and relationships skills gaps and to cultivate a space where we can do this work of liberation collectively.

What's Included
Dignified Hedonist Foundations (Live & Recorded)

Develop foundational knowledge and practice the concrete skills that allow you to live a desire-led, sex-forward, pleasure-focused life. Experience the journey you might eventually do 1:1 with us, or may have already explored 1:1 with us previously. Led by Sarah Martin, creator of the Dignified Hedonist Framework and founder of The Union.

Explorations & Playshops (Live, Sometimes Recorded)

Every month, you’ll have access to at least one, but generally more, Exploration or Playshop Sessions presented by members of The Union leadership. These can include communal erotic practice, deconstruction groups, conscious kink, erotic writing, erotic storytelling, body poems, guided body meditations, breathwork, and more. Led by members of The Union leadership.

Dignified Hedonist Foundations Support Group (Live & Recorded)

Every month, you’ll have access to a support group focused on the Dignified Hedonist Foundations. Come to ask your questions and receive coaching related to anything having to do with the framework, Dignified Hedonist missions or exercises, or the application of these approaches in your dating, sex, or relationship life. Led by Sarah Martin or trained members of The Union leadership.

Community Organizer Mentorship (Live & Recorded)

If you’re a community organizer for a sex positive group of any size or a sexuality professional who serves groups, this is for you. Whether you run a local polyamory group, sex positive book club, sex positive meetup, support group, or if you’re currently a sexuality professional who does group work, come to the monthly mentorship session. In this space, you have the opportunity to receive support and develop your skills as an organizer and a facilitator of group process. Led by Sarah Martin.

Community Organizer Resources

Each month, you’ll gain access to one concrete tool - a workshop outline, a book club discussion outline, a group activity outline - that you can take and use within your community or your private practice.

Self-Paced Courses

As a member of the Union, you get access to evergreen courses for as long as you remain a member. Currently, this includes:

Sensuality for Overthinkers

Sensuality for Overthinkers is the mini-course that teaches you how to master the basics of embodiment and add more pleasure to your everyday life. After taking this course, you’ll be able to: increase sensual awareness in your everyday life, get out of your mind and into your body, and create a daily sensual meditation practice using tools directly from the Dignified Hedonist vault.

The Union's Anti-Capitalist Membership Options

Are you ready to join us on an adventure of self-discovery and to fight fascism through connection at the same time? If so, you are welcome here!

We use an anti-capitalist sliding scale to price our annual membership. Annual memberships can be paid in full, or you may choose to take a no-fee payment plan.

There are three options, and we encourage you to make your choice based on a variety of intersectional factors. We trust you to choose the option that best fits your current situation.

In addition to what you see below, we also offer solidarity places at 75% and 100% discounts from the Option 2 pricing. Anyone may opt for a Solidarity 75 space by selecting Option 2 and using the code SOLIDARITY75.

For solidarity 100 places, we currently have 5 available. If you are interested in a solidarity 100 place, please contact sarah [at] dignifiedhedonist [dot] com. More places will be made available as membership grows.

Solidarity places are offered on an honor system with no application process. We trust you.

Also, we have barter memberships available from time to time. Currently, we have one barter exchange available related to creating and maintaining a social media account. If you are interested in barter exchange, please contact sarah [at] dignifiedhedonist [dot] com.

Making choices in a setup like this is new to most people. No matter which option you choose, you get access to everything in the membership and are a full member of the community. There are no bonuses or other incentives for selecting a higher tier.

To help you choose, in addition to your current financial situation, we ask you to consider your intersectional advantages (sometimes referred to as identity-based privileges), relative earning potential, and access to financial support from your family or network. 

If you have people in your life who could give or lend you the money to pay for this membership, please utilize that network. Paying the Option 2 or 3 rate if you’re able allows us to offer Option 1 and Solidarity pricing. 

Let's Get Started!
Option 1


1500 / year

If one or two of these attributes apply to you, we recommend Option 1:

  • Living in a single income household making less than $40K USD/year
  • Supporting children, elders, or other dependents
  • Have significant debt including uncovered medical expenses
  • Work is challenging due to immigration or incarceration status
  • Currently or recently experiencing housing instability
  • BIPOC, Person with a Disability, LGBTQ2IA+

A 12 month payment plan is available with no interest or fees at $125 / month.

Membership at Option 1 allows us to cover our basic costs for keeping The Pleasure Union going.

option 2


3000 / year

If many of these attributes apply to you, we recommend Option 2:

  • Earning $40K to $80K USD/year or have a multi-income household
  • Rent your home
  • Have moderate debt
  • Completed high school or college
  • Are a citizen or documented permanent resident of the country you live in
  • Have some money in savings or retirement accounts
  • Just feel comfortable paying the middle range amount

A 12 month payment plan is available with no interest or fees at $250 / month.

Membership at Option 2 covers the true cost of The Pleasure Union, admin costs, and Solidarity places.

Option 3


4500 / year

If many of these attributes apply to you, we recommend Option 3:

  • Earn over $80K USD/year, especially if you have a multi-income household
  • Own your home
  • Have investments, retirement accounts, or inherited wealth
  • Are a citizen or permanent resident of the country you live in
  • Friends and family could provide support in times of financial need or transitions
  • You plan to claim this as a business expense

A 12 month payment plan is available with no interest or fees at $375 / month.

Membership at Option 3 allows us to be fully paid for our labor and to grow for the future.

Who is Behind All of This?

The Union is founded by Sarah Martin (she/her), anti-fascist sex and dating coach. Given that I’m writing this, I’ll break the fourth wall for a moment and tell you a bit about me :) I’m a cisgender woman, bisexual, kinky, and the caretaker of a libido big enough to swallow the sun. I affectionately refer to this desire as The Animal, and in my dreamspace it looks like a jaguar that is as large as a Clydesdale horse.

As a young person, I experienced a great deal of bullying that centered on my body and my appearance. I spent many years wondering if I would ever get to experience sex or pleasure with a partner, and many more in the wrong relationships. Everything changed when my first marriage ended, and I had the fortune to go on a journey of healing, self-discovery, and hedonism. Pleasure saved me, brought me back to myself, and created a space for self-love to blossom. It became my mission to carry this message to others and therefore create a kinder, more loving, and more delight-filled world.

In the Union leadership, my co-conspirators and collaborators are ieva bach and Kasia Zoltak.
I’ll let them introduce themselves :)

ieva bach

"Hi wanderer, this is ieva! A non-binary, queer, kinky and non-monogamous person, I sparkle and jump into action with my full heart when it comes to sluttyness, pleasure, and sharing with others, where I focus on our body wisdom. I long for touch and connection, and I’ve also always longed for a community – through lonely teenage years to confusing 20s, and exciting 30s.

But… connection, community and pleasure… I didn’t hear about those from my teachers, elders, or supposed authority figures. In fact, pretty soon I realised connection, community, and pleasure are the exact opposite of the deeply rooted neo-fascist, colonial, and capitalist ways of thinking, learning, and relating to others that currently dominate the world . My true desires and joy were -and still are- not welcome. Well, that’s disempowering to say the least. But most importantly, through sharing, I’ve come to realise that so many people feel the same. So many feel ‘outside’ but still longing. So I say fuck it. Let’s be slutty activists and fight back fascism with our pleasure, together. I welcome you here."

Kasia Zoltak

"Hi, happy to meet you wonderful person. I’m Kasia but feel free to call me Kate. I’m a cisgender woman and I use pronouns she/her. I’m also a raging lesbian, and professionally I’m a psychologist, sexologist, and sex coach in training. 

As a lesbian living in Poland, I experienced homophobia on a daily basis and wanted to fight back. As I started to learn more about human sexuality, I realized how oppressive social norms can get. I see the toxic narratives creep into the lives of many people, including mine and other LGBTQ+ folks. I’m still on my journey to detangle the views that have been sown in me. One of the things that I love most is helping others to be their authentic sexual selves. I’m excited to be a part of this space and to changing the world with pleasure, together."

Join The Pleasure Union - Unique Community of Support, Growth, and Play

The Union Container

Be Kind

We're all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Let's treat everyone with respect for their autonomy and personhood. We'll disagree sometimes, but kindness is required.

Zero Tolerance for Bullying or Hate Speech

Bullying of any kind isn't allowed, and degrading comments about things such as race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated... and anyway, why tf would you join an explicitly anti-fascist community if you want to do hate speech? You will be removed from the Union immediately if you do this.

We’re All Problematic & Committed to Change

When joining the Union, we all acknowledge that we are problematic. We all have internalised some elements of one or more systems of oppression or power hierarchies that govern our societies, including patriarchy, white supremacy, and capitalism, depending on our intersections. We acknowledge that we have been shaped by the systems of power and oppression we have grown up within. We acknowledge that in some parts of our lives, we hold unearned, undeserved advantages. When you join the Union, you confirm you have this self-awareness and also a commitment to the challenging work of deconstruction and inquiry.

Las Vegas Rule

Being part of the Union requires mutual trust. Authentic, expressive discussions are what we’re here for and are often sensitive and private. What's shared in the Union should stay in the Union. Know going in that we cannot guarantee this behavior in others - we aim to make this a safer space as no space can be said to be 100% safe. You can share about your Union experience, please do not share about the experiences of others. The Las Vegas Rule will be clarified at the beginning of every session in the Union, please ask questions if anything is unclear.

Commitment to Non-Exploitation

Organizing the Union requires labor - from guest experts, leaders, and facilitators. Please use the communication channels indicated. Please do not personally DM guest experts, leaders, facilitators, or other group members without asking permission first.

Mindful, Non-Exploitative Venting

We know dating, sex, and relationships often trigger strong emotional responses. Venting is allowed under the following circumstances: 1. You begin posts within the community space with #vent 2. You add content warnings to posts upfront 3. You keep posts to around 250 words and add spaces between paragraphs 4. You accept consensual participation, which means some days you may not receive responses 5. Live group spaces will indicate if space is being held for personal sharing or venting. Understand that the facilitator may bring a close to your share to allow others to participate.

Not Therapy

We know that most of us in this space have our own experiences of shock or developmental trauma. We know many people lack access to mental health support. It's important to make clear that the work we do in this group isn't a replacement for therapy and cannot be considered as mental health care.

A Word About Capitalism

This is an explicitly anti-capitalist space. We believe that capitalism wreaks havoc on human relating. We are also running a business while doing the work of deconstructing from capitalism. Part of that is unlearning exploitation and discovering enough. We have a commitment to anti-capitalist, non-exploitative pricing and a commitment to non-exploitative labor practices for the experts and facilitators who make this community possible.  

Some Testimonials for Sarah Martin

Matthew*, 27

Mathematician, Poland

When I started working with Sarah, I hadn't been on a single date in my life and had no idea how would I even get one. By the end of our work, I've found myself routinely going on more dates in a single week than during the 10 years prior, combined, and being a rejector more often than a rejectee.

Vernon*, 24

Student, Poland

I went to Sarah's workshop and less then a month later, I've found my girlfriend. Since I've started going to Sarah's events, I've learned a lot about sexuality, consent and communication and slowly but surely, started applying all of that wonderful knowledge to my own personal life.

Kamal*, 44

Marketing Specialist

After Elite Coaching, I am literally a different person. I know this sounds like hyperbole, but my friends noticed the change. Even I don't recognise myself sometimes. Life has become effortless. I navigate the world with a sense of agency. I am comfortable in social situations and no longer care what other people think. It's liberating.

*Names changed to preserve client confidentiality. Their words are real.

Join The Pleasure Union - Unique Community of Support, Growth, and Play

Additional Financial Transparency

Transparency is the enemy of exploitation.

Non-Exploitation is a core value of The Union and of anti-fascist praxis. It is important for us to create a community that is non-exploitative of its members (including in pricing) and also non-exploitative of its organizers and educators.

Some financial context about Sarah: I grew up middle class. I am married. I have access to some family wealth and assets. I am white, currently able-bodied, bisexual (but in a heterosexual-presenting marriage), cis-gendered, neurodivergent living with anxiety and depression, and a second-generation college graduate. I was born and raised on the sovereign homeland of the Abenaki Nation and People, colonially known as Vermont.I currently live within the European Union. Many of my costs of living are covered by my business as business expenses. Given where I live, I am financially secure in the short-term. I am not yet financially secure in the long term. Additionally, given my intersections, I enjoy many advantages that I did not earn. 

Some financial context about ieva: I grew up working class in Lithuania, an ex-Soviet country. I have access to family support, but that does not include many assets or wealth. I am white, currently able-bodied, pansexual, genderfluid, non-native English speaker and a first-generation university graduate, currently living within the European Union. My costs of living are covered by my work as an educator and from my savings. I consider myself a sex worker. I am also a student at the moment. I enjoy many advantages that I did not earn, considering the above. My financial security is fluctuating and I am not yet financially secure in the long term.

Some financial context about Kasia: I grew up in a working class family in Poland. My parents have been able to invest in my education (International Baccalaureate program in high school, psychology studies in English, sexuality-related trainings and courses) and are partially supporting me to this day. I am a non-native English speaker who recently moved to the UK, also with the financial help of my parents and of my long-term partner. At the moment my only source of income comes from working part time as a freelancer, but it is not enough for me to sustain myself in the short or long term. I am a neurotypical, white person, currently able-bodied, a cisgender and homosexual woman.

The Pleasure Union is part of UAB Blazing Maple, Sarah’s company headquartered in Lithuania. Sarah is the sole owner and director of UAB Blazing Maple. Sarah, ieva, and Kasia have an agreement for equitable revenue sharing with the long term aim of growing this community to support their individual enoughness and allow this to become our collective full time work. 


I'm working full-time. Will I be able to benefit from The Union?

Yes! Most of what goes down in The Union is recorded, so you can catch up on those events you cannot attend live. And for the events that are live only, we hold them at different times of day, to give our members the opportunity to join live when it's convenient for them.

Does membership include any one-on-one sessions?

Nope. The Union is a group experience. You may choose to book 1:1 sessions with Union Leadership or Guest Experts (we're all practitioners who work with people 1:1!) by enrolling with them directly and paying their fees for 1:1 client work. 

Are there any pre-requisites to join The Union?

You must agree to be governed within The Union by the principles set out in The Union Container (listed earlier on this page). If you don't jive with those principles, don't sign up. 

Can I invite my friends?

Yes! Tell everyone you think might be interested - your barber, your dentist, your friends, your great-aunt. Send them the link to this page and encourage them to come join us to Change the World with Pleasure. And if they're not ready yet? Let them know about the Slutty Activism podcast - it's a great place to start!

Other Options

If you don’t want to join the Union, but you do want to support the Slutty Activism podcast or the team behind this project, there are a number of other ways you can do so.

If you would like to offer recurring monthly support without being a part of the Union, you can do so at any amount on Patreon.

If you would like to offer a one-time donation to the podcast, use this link.

If you would like to offer a one-time donation to Sarah, use this link.

If you would like to offer a one-time donation to ieva, use this link.

If you would like to offer a one-time donation to Kasia, use this link.