The most effective, simplest path to an amazing sex life for introverts. You're already so damn close.

I don't want to have to work that hard, so I developed a framework that works fast and lasts for introverted men. The best engineers are the laziest, right?

You have a lot going for you 

Introversion is a sex and relationship superpower. You have this rich inner life, a great deal of creativity, a thirst for knowledge, passions you care deeply about, and an openness toward life.

You're a curious, deep thinker with the persistence to keep trying and experimenting once you get an idea in your head. You're also chill doing things on your own, needing quiet space to allow your mind to unwind.

You may even have additional superpowers:


Introverted men with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics buffs have the additional benefit of systems thinking - complex processes are made up of smaller parts, there is a logic to chaos, and that there is always more to discover.


Introverted men with neurodiversity buffs like ASD, ADD, ADHD, dysgraphia, or dyslexia have the added benefit of a refreshing perspective - all minds are not alike and the way you reach understanding is less important than the understanding itself.

But you still just can't figure it out

It's not for a lack of thinking about it, that's for sure. If anything, being an introvert makes you prone to overthinking. You've poured over videos, read books, maybe even went to a couple of pickup seminars.

Still, sex is this big thing that seems so natural for everyone, but not you. There doesn't seem to be a consistent logic to anything. You know flirting is important but you don't know how. Body language is a mystery. There's no reliable feedback mechanism to learn where you went wrong.

Add to that the expectation that you do all of the initiating, and it's a recipe for frustration.

No one teaches you this stuff

No one is born a natural. Everyone goes through a process of learning when it comes to approaching, flirting, initiating, and sex. The problem is most of this learning takes place implicitly, emerging through social observation and action.

If you are an introvert, it's likely you were excluded from this learning through bullying or social isolation. If you've got some neurodiversity going on, the challenges were multiplied many fold.

THIS is why you've got this knowledge gap. It's nothing to do with destiny. You're just missing a few skills.

Let's Fix This

Hi, I'm Sarah

I guide introverted men into a world of sensual delight using a proven and efficient framework that gets results. I'm in the business of dignified hedonism.

I've helped my clients...

  • Lose their virginity in a way that felt fun and relaxed
  • Find hookups, casual sex, and friends with benefits without feeling creepy
  • Learn how to be more dominant in the bedroom
  • Go on more dates in one week than in the previous decade
  • Learn how to flirt with confidence and ease

I can help you, too.

Why Do I Do This?

First, I'm pissed off that so many of the best men in the world are single when they don't want to be. When I'm in groups of women, and someone asks, "Where have all the good men gone?" I tell them: they're at home, in front of their computer screens. Go, find them, and draw them out.

Second, there's a lot of bad, boring, unpleasurable sex in the world, and in my experience hooking up with men, women, and non-binary people, introverts are consistently the best lovers. Even the guys with no prior experience, once they got past the awkward nervousness, were so much more fun to to have sex with than even the "hottest" Chad.

Do you know what Chad does when he bangs? He unimaginatively jackhammers for 45 minutes, rolls over and goes to sleep, or, worse, asks you to call an Uber and get out of there. It fucking sucks. It's not worth it to have sex with someone like that because, on this end, you don't have an orgasm and vaginas start to chafe after too long.  

Third, there's a connection between reasons one and two. The only reason women are having so much repeatedly bad sex with Chad is because he's easier to find - he's visible and he makes his interest clear. Most women don't actually know how to find the men they are looking for, and you don't make it any easier by staying hidden.

Fourth, you are already so close to having the sex life you want, and the main thing in your way is you. I mentioned I'm lazy and that's part of it - I like doing easier work. The flip side is that I also get a massive dopamine high when my clients get their own minds blown by the results, and that happens basically constantly working with introverted men.

Finally, the deeper reason is I had the absolute shit bullied out of me from 4th - 10th grade. The only people who were kind to me were the introverted, shy science guys. They, quite literally, saved my life. In all the years that followed, these are the people I've chosen as my friends and lovers. There is no one else I would rather serve.

Why It's Worth It to Listen to This Girl

  • I dated and hooked up with women right up until I got married. I did that without the assistance of a social script to follow, so I got really good at writing my own scripts. Also, I did this all with the added layer of homophobia, so...
  • I was bullied for my looks. Men never approached me. So, I had to learn to approach. I bet you an HTC Vive that I've been rejected more than you, and that I've had more humiliating and public rejections than you. Try me.
  • I've learned how to live ethically with a sky high libido. I used to be creepy and I cringe now thinking about it. 
  • I am introverted as hell and have divergent interests that sit outside the mainstream. I never wanted 'standard' relationships that follow the main narrative. Give me deep conversations, gaming, and group sex over candle lit dinners any day. I know how to find people who are looking for love and sex outside of the Hollywood standard.


Certified Sex Coach

Sex Coach U graduate with over 300 hours of training in human sexuality, plus another 200 or so hours of continuing education.

Masters of Art, Sociology

I wrote my Master's degree about economic metaphors in pickup artist handbooks. I graduated with Distinction (that means top of class at UK unis).

Professional Leadership

I'm the Executive Director of the World Association of Sex Coaches, as well as a Sex Coach Member. I take my profession seriously and am a leader in the field.

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