One Delicious Personal Growth Journey. Sexual Confidence in 3 Months

The only elite dating coaching program for creating relationships that ethically prioritize sex and pleasure.

Recently had a "Fuck It" moment?

If you're done with staying stuck and ready to do something different, Elite Coaching will take you further than you thought possible in your sex and relationship life.

Who it's for

  • Individual people who are single, dating, in a relationship, married, or polyamorous
  • People with any degree of previous sexual experience. Virgins are welcome!
  • People who are curious about different relationship styles, including BDSM and ethical non-monogamy
  • Humans who want to let their freak flag fly without shame
  • People interested in trying out casual sex with no idea where you even start
  • Neurodiverse people are welcome! I have helped people with ASD, ADD, ADHD, and other forms of neurodiversity get awesome results without changing who they are
  • Folks who are looking to create change quickly with a high level of support and resourcing

What Elite Coaching Can Do

These are some of the concrete results experienced by lovers like you

Lose Your Virginity

Regardless of whether you're in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, or beyond.

Find Hookups and FWBs

In a way that's caring, compassionate, and connected. Make casual sex fun!

Find a Partner

Even if you feel clueless and have no idea how people do this.

More Dates

And more second dates. Become a rejector more often than a rejectee.

Flirt with Confidence

In a style that feels authentic and fun for you. Release your pent up playfulness.

Cultivate Sexual Power

Boldly ask for what you want. Become more dominant in the bedroom. Initiate more.

When I started working with Sarah, I hadn't been on a single date in my life and had no idea how would I even get one. By the end of our work, I've found myself routinely going on more dates in a single week than during the 10 years prior, combined, and being a rejector more often than a rejectee.

Matthew*, 27


I went to Sarah's workshop and less then a month later, I've found my girlfriend. Since I've started going to Sarah's events, I've learned a lot about sexuality, consent and communication and slowly but surely, started applying all of that wonderful knowledge to my own personal life. 

Vernon*, 24


My confidence level is quite high after a long time. I have never been so confident around women frankly. It feels so much simpler and easier. 

I even had a meeting with my manager's manager today and he told me he has never seen me so confident before!

Krish*, 35


*Names and images changed to preserve client confidentiality. Their words are real.

How it Works

Elite coaching is a combination of sex education, actionable strategy, accountability, and unwavering support. It's about bringing out the best of who you are and getting you results.

Intentional Commitment

By intentionally committing your time, energy, and focus to the process, your life will change pretty radically.

Deliberate Action

Through talk-based sessions and missions between sessions, you will take only the necessary action to move forward.

Proven Framework

The Dignified Hedonist framework guides the coaching journey through a series of targeted sessions and action-based missions.

The Dignified Hedonist Framework

Your Coach

Hi, I'm Sarah

I guide horny people into a world of pleasure and delight using a proven framework that gets results.

I've helped my clients...

  • Lose their virginity in a way that felt fun and relaxed
  • Find hookups, casual sex, and friends with benefits
  • Learn how to be more dominant in the bedroom
  • Go on more dates in one week than in the previous decade
  • Feel calm, relaxed, and confident as a sexual being
  • Learn how to flirt in all kinds of relationships

I can help you, too.

What's Included


Every two weeks, we meet for targeted coaching sessions. Each session lasts 75 minutes, so there's no rush. You have time to gather your thoughts and ask your questions.


Before your first session, and after every session, you receive a mission packet. Missions include activities and practices that strengthen your learning, generate reflection, and encourage action!


You have direct access to the one and only Sarah Martin for support between session via email and WhatsApp.


As an Elite Coaching client, you get access to bonuses and you receive gifts from me. The surprises you receive are unique to you!

What's The Cost?

In Full

Enjoy the best pricing when paying in full


Apply Now

To apply to the Elite Coaching program, pick a time below. We'll meet for 30 minutes and dig into what you want out of coaching and check if we're a good fit. After you select a time, you'll be prompted to complete an application form. You must submit the application form before your call. If you find you need more time, shoot me an email and I'll send it to you in a Google doc.

Sarah taught me dating methods which are efficient, but at the same time - decent, with care for the other side. E.g. how to communicate directly about sexual or romantic interaction, in a clear way, without being needy or creepy.

Most importantly - it works! I got a few respectful NOes and, well, a few YESes.

Peter*, 32

Data Scientist

Sarah is normal. You can just talk to her, it won't be intimidating, it won't be awkward. She has this incredible skill of explaining feelings stuff in a logical, almost mathematical way.

She translates emotional to geeky. Sheldon Cooper would get laid in no time after having the talk with Sarah.

Connor*, 31

Medical Doctor

*Names and images changed to preserve client confidentiality. Their words are real.


How much time does it take?

Elite Coaching journeys last for 3 months. You need 3-5 hours each week to dedicate to this process. It’s better to take consistent action (i.e. an hour a day) than to cram right before 1:1 sessions.

What do I get, materially?

Here's what's included in the program:

- An extensive intake mission before our first session, so that we hit the ground running

- A 75 minute 1:1 coaching session every other week

- A recording of each session, if you desire

- A mission assigned after every session to keep you actively learning and growing

- Email and WhatsApp support

- Customized resource recommendations

- Gifts to support you and because gifts are awesome

How do we work together?

We work together online. You can be anywhere.

You book in your sessions using an online scheduling tool to avoid that email back and forth dance thing. 

How do you protect my confidentiality?

I am sensitive to the spectrum of data privacy needs, and will tailor my work with you to take these into account.

We can work together using traditional email and Zoom video conferencing, alternately we can use Signal and JitsiMeet. It is also possible to work with me in person.

What you share with me is not shared with anyone else.

During your application call, we can discuss your privacy preferences in as much detail as needed to assure your comfort.

How much experience do I need?

You don’t need any dating, relationship, or partner sex experience to enroll in Elite Coaching.

Do you offer refunds?

No. Elite Coaching is a significant commitment on both our parts. Places are limited in order to deliver a high-touch, elite experience. 

Why does it cost that much?

Couple of reasons. Mainly because I am invested in your success. You need to be, too.

This is a significant commitment. You have to do the work. You have to show up, focus, and challenge yourself. It can get uncomfortable.

I limit the number of people in the program – there’s never more than 5 at any given time. This ensures you receive the individual attention and accountability you need to succeed.

Why do I have to apply?

Because I only want to work with people I can help get extraordinary results.

Because this isn’t for everyone and time is precious.

I don’t want you to enter this program if it's not a good fit. I don’t want this to be an experience of disappointment.

Applying to work with me is straightforward:

- Fill out the application form.

- Book a time for a free 30 minute call with me.

- This call is your chance to ask any and all questions you have and for us to explore your desires.

- I will tell you if you are not a fit, or if you are not a fit at this time. It’s in neither of our interests for you to participate if it will not benefit you.

Why should I work with you?

Apart from what I share about me elsewhere, in short, I am uniquely placed to serve as your dating coach. I have a very particular set of skills.

If what you’re after is confidence in yourself as a sexual being, pleasure, and the ability to have new and rewarding experiences (be that with a life-long partner or a one night stand), all in a way that is caring, connected, and compassionate, I can deliver on that far better than other dating coaches, seduction coaches, or pickup artists ever could.

My job is to hold space for you as a sexual being, whether you have had many partners, one, or none. My role is to guide you through a proven process of discovery and skills development that others like you have been through before. My responsibility is to show up for who you are as an individual.

How do I know if coaching is for me?

If you've read everything on this page and you're still uncertain, you can book a one-off Desire Audit with no ongoing commitment. The best way to learn what coaching is like is to experience it. If you decide you would like to enroll in Elite Coaching, the cost of your Desire Audit will be put towards it.