Knowing what you want makes it easier to find.

Your Desire Audit will help you figure out wtf you actually want so you can more easily find someone who wants the same thing. It's your first step to the tomorrow of your dreams.

What Do You Want for Your Sex and Relationship Life?

Maybe you know what you DON'T want. Maybe you've got a general idea, like "a long term partner," "to lose my virginity," "for online dating to not suck," or "to have more flow in my relationship." Maybe you don't really know what you want because you never entertained the idea of having a choice.

In my experience, the people who get the best results - who feel good about themselves as sexual beings and who live out their desires - are the ones who know what they want and can communicate that to others.

The easiest way to get started with creating rapid and powerful change in your relationship life is to map out what you desire. Save yourself the trial and error and work with a professional who has helped hundreds of people audit their desires.

You'll leave your Desire Audit with a clear path to follow and a list of actionable points, as well as the validation of having your desires seen and deeply heard by another human being.

Your Desire Audit is a refined, supportive process. Here's what it includes:

  • A special intake questionnaire that helps you dive deep and elicit your desires
  • 75 minutes working together one on one to call out and clarify your desires
  • A recording of the session, if you so choose, so that you can watch it again and again
  • A detailed session summary complete with customized resource recommendations
  • Follow up email support for 30 days

Before the Desire Audit, time constraints meant I felt I had limited options in terms of sex/relationships. These challenges had me feeling hopeful, but without a plan. Working with Sarah, I got a clear path, with actionable points, to get the results I want, while being ethical.

I recommend a Desire Audit for any person who struggles with obtaining results in sex/relationships. You don't know what you don't know. While it is possible to learn from one's own mistakes, a mentor has the capacity to increase the rate of learning multiple-fold.

If you’re on the fence, remember it is not everyday that you can benefit from the knowledge and experience of an expert in the field, and so conveniently from the comfort of your own home. I have read books, listened to podcasts, and lurked on Reddit. Nothing compares to the 1:1 with a mentor.

Kamal*, 44

Medical DOCTOR

*Name changed to preserve client confidentiality. Their words are real.

Jessica*, 41

Massage therapist

*Name changed to preserve client confidentiality. Their words are real.

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When you book your session, you'll be sent an email confirmation as well as a Zoom link. At the scheduled time, hop on Zoom and I'll meet you there. This is a clothing on at all times service.

Midsummer Sale: Until the end of June, your Desire Audit costs $369 US Dollars. In Euro, that's around €340. In British Pounds, that's around £290. In Canadian Dollars, that's around $485.

If you decide to enroll in Private Coaching within 12 months of your Desire Audit, your Desire Audit payment will be applied toward the cost of your Private Coaching program.

Hi, I'm Sarah

I guide curious people into a world of pleasure and delight.

I'll be guiding you through your Desire Audit. Everything you'll experience in this session is the result of 7+ years of 1:1 client work. 

Since qualifying as a Certified Sex Coach in 2016, I've helped my clients...

  • Lose their virginity in a way that felt fun and relaxed
  • Find connected, pleasurable hookups and friends with benefits
  • Experience the thrill of authentic sexual self-expression
  • Learn how to be more dominant in the bedroom
  • Feel calm, relaxed, and confident as a sexual being

I can help you, too.

When I started working with Sarah, I hadn't been on a single date in my life and had no idea how would I even get one. By the end of our work, I've found myself routinely going on more dates in a single week than during the 10 years prior, combined, and being a rejector more often than a rejectee.

Matthew*, 27


I went to Sarah's workshop and less then a month later, I've found my girlfriend. Since I've started going to Sarah's events, I've learned a lot about sexuality, consent and communication and slowly but surely, started applying all of that wonderful knowledge to my own personal life. 

Vernon*, 24


My confidence level is quite high after a long time. I have never been so confident around women frankly. It feels so much simpler and easier. 

I even had a meeting with my manager's manager today and he told me he has never seen me so confident before!

Krish*, 35


Sarah taught me dating methods which are efficient, but at the same time - decent, with care for the other side. E.g. how to communicate directly about sexual or romantic interaction, in a clear way, without being needy or creepy.

Most importantly - it works! I got a few respectful NOes and, well, a few YESes.

Peter*, 32

Data Scientist

Sarah is normal. You can just talk to her, it won't be intimidating, it won't be awkward. She has this incredible skill of explaining feelings stuff in a logical, almost mathematical way.

She translates emotional to geeky. Sheldon Cooper would get laid in no time after having the talk with Sarah.

Connor*, 31

Medical Doctor

*Names and images changed to preserve client confidentiality. Their words are real.