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December 7, 2022  

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Before bidding you adieu until season 2, I have a surprise for you 😉

We’re welcoming friend-of-the-podcast Ruan Willow to share a steamy excerpt from her Decadent Erotica Anthology.

Audio erotica is a powerful form of fantasy fuel. If you’ve never tried it before, I invite you to get curious about whether audio erotica might provide you with a new pathway to pleasure.

And, if you start listening and it’s not your cup of tea? That’s ok, too!


About The Guest

Ruan Willow is an erotic author and creator of the Oh F*ck Yeah! podcast, where she seamlessley blends readings of her erotic writing with interviews with sexuality and pleasure experts.

If you enjoy this excerpt, you can listen to many more for free on the Oh Fuck Yeah podcast, available wherever fine podcasts are found!

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Produced & Hosted by Sarah Martin
Cover Art by Nik Gothic
Music by eFly Production

Full Transcript

Sarah:               Hello, friend. On this bonus mini season of the Slutty Activism Podcast, we've explored the theme of Uncommon Pleasure and heard from five extraordinary guest experts. If you haven't listened to all five episodes yet, I encourage you to check them out. We've also been going deeper into opening up new pathways to pleasure in the five day pleasure diary challenge. You can join this challenge at any time in the Slutty Activism podcast community Facebook group by clicking on the guides section. You can join today by going to slutty before bidding you ADU until season two. I have a surprise for you today. I'm welcoming friend of the podcast Ruan Willow to share a steamy excerpt from her decadent erotica anthology. Audio erotica is a powerful form of fantasy fuel if you've never tried it before. I invite you to get curious about whether audio erotica might provide you with a new pathway to pleasure.

Sarah:               And if you start listening and it's not your cup of tea, that's okay too. As Ruan tells this story, I invite you to allow every word to slide softly like velvet into your eardrums and vibrate into your brain. She punctuates this reading with giggles, size and moons to create an atmosphere of truly Deb botched delight. Listening can be extremely sensuous, and the story itself is raunchy and hot. Ruan Willow is an erotic author and the creator of the Oh Fuck Ya podcast, where she seamlessly blends readings of her erotic writing with interviews with sexuality and pleasure experts. If you enjoy this excerpt, you can listen to many more for free on the Oh fuck yeah. Podcast available wherever fine podcasts are found. I've also included a link in the show notes, so that's enough from me. I'm gonna pass the mic to ruin now.

Ruan:               Hello, this is Ruan Willow erotica author, and I'm sharing an excerpt from my anthology decadent erotica in anthology, 10 Tales of Extreme Sensuality, indulgence, dominance, and Submission. I am an eroica author, sexuality and erotica podcaster at Oh Fuck Yeah, with Ruin Willow podcast available on podcast apps for free. And I also am an audiobook narrator, not say for workbooks, of course, <laugh>. And I'm also a sex blogger. So this excerpt that I'm going to read for you is Mallory and Derek attend their first sex party. It's an orgy baby. Hmm. Fuck <laugh>. This story actually originated as one I narrated right off the top of my head as I was recording a podcast episode or my, oh fuck yeah. With Ruan Willow podcast. I think of this as erotic improvisation where I create a story right off the top of my head. So I took this story that I created off the top of my head, and I fleshed it out into a fuller story, and this is what it became.

Ruan:               Watching the faces of the people blossom into orgasm after orgasm is driving her desire to join to fire alarm status. She needs to get in there. What do you think, Derek? Is this still a go for you? Derek meets her gaze and his eyes melt. He does a single nod. I'm nervous, but I wanna do it. Sam takes a step forward and turns to face them. This is exactly what I like to see. You two are checking in with each other. Communication is key. A dedication to each other's comfort and pleasure is also key. I thank you too. Will fit right in and be a great addition to our group. Sam draws in a long breath and releases it as if savoring something. You don't owe anyone explanations, nor are you obligated to finish any act. You start, you should feel comfortable just leaving a person or group whenever you don't like something or aren't comfortable.

Ruan:               This is a safe place. We want you to feel totally safe here. So move on or leave the room or even the party if you ever feel the need to, and the hand signal for you are done with what you are doing and moving on. Is your arm raised up like you are asking a question with your index finger pointed at the ceiling? We all know that signal means you are moving on. No need to give a reason. Okay. They both K nod. It's Sam. Good says Sam. The validation from Sam is like a hug to Mallory being called, uh, good girl usually tweak, circle it and thickens her satisfaction. It's not that she's a wimpy approval seeker or needs that kind of validation to be okay. It's just delicious to hear. Do you need more time or shall we enter this pile of sex?

Ruan:               Valerie squeezes Derick's forearm before she turns to fully face him. I'm ready to do this if you are, but I'm also ready to walk out if you are. But if we do that, we are fucking the second that car door closes, she says with the chuckle lace throughout her last words, he grins. Oh, I get it. And I'm in too. Mel Derek's shoulders relax and his face clears of nervousness. Well, mostly let's go fuck and get fucked. Sam grabs Derek's hand and Maria grabs Mallory's. Derek reaches from Mallory's hand and the four stride together as a human chain towards the orgy. The people in the orgy are on a large round piece of beige furniture, which is like an island. It looks like an ottoman only supersized like someone gave it steroids. Mallory has never seen such a large ottoman before and is amazed at how perfect it is for an orgy. It's like a large circular padded stage. In the middle of the large living room, Sam and Maria start to strip. Mallory and Derek follow suit smiles on their faces. They are so ready for this sex party. It's just a big old pile of naked people and an orgy of no end. There's so much moaning and groaning. Lip smacks and skin smacks all around. It's like being immersed in a dream.

Speaker 3:        <laugh> oh, oh oh.

Ruan:               Maria faces them, but both Mallory and Derek's eyes drift down her body. She smiles. Okay to orient you. There are bottles of lubes strewn about and sex toys of all different sizes, shapes, and colors. All will be throughly cleaned before every party. As the welcome email stated, use what you need and want. This is your sexual playground. Maria points to a colorful pile of dildos and sex toys on the edge of the ottoman. Nearest them. Mallory dies right in without hesitation and stands at the edge of the ottoman. Derek watches an amazement because she's instantly a part of the scene. A man grabs her and kisses her. He fondles her breasts. Derek watches an awe how she just assimilates and so easily, so naturally he's proud of her. Sam puts his arm around Derek who is shorter than he is by more than ahead. Take your time, Derek.

Ruan:               This is on your timeline and only your timeline. Derek desperately wants to be with Sam sexually. He glances down at Sam's massive erection, but feels too shy to ask him to join him in a sexual act. Mallory continues to deeply kiss the man who pulled her into the horde. She looks so happy and excited. Derek loves to see her like this no matter how it happens. He loves to see Mallory have pleasure. He knows they are committed to each other, and he's just never felt threatened by other people because he and Mallory are so strong together. Derek watches as the man's hands are traveling down her body onto her curvy hips. Worthy then walks his fingers to the back of her and grips both of her butt cheeks. He gives her flesh a hearty squeeze, lifting her slightly off the floor. Oh, <laugh>. She squeals and runs her hands along his biceps, meanders her hands over his nipples and down his tummy, and then she gros her way back up to his hair to play with it.

Ruan:               They kiss more, maxing out the foreplay. Derek loves doing all these same things with her, so he smiles, loving that she's getting the touches she desires. Mallory glance is back and Derek is just watching with a happy smirk on his face. She's very pleased and so happy. She found such a wonderful man. And Derek. Derek makes eye contact with Sam with what feels like way too much trepidation cuz honestly, he's ready to try this. Do I just ask someone or do I just lay myself in the group and let someone take me? Maria joins Mallory and the man and Mallory's eyes beam with bliss, Mallory's smile blossoms with happy, salacious lust. At the addition of Maria to their trist, Derek is dying to ask Sam to be that someone for him that Maria and the man are being for Mallory. But he's so scared to ask Sam smiles very deeply as if he knows.

Ruan:               Would you like to have a partner as you join the horde? If so, I'm definitely the man to gently usher you into this ecstasy you are watching. His grin is lascivious and hungry, but confident. He reminds Derek of a Wolff, an alpha, a bull, which likely he is. Derek simply nods with a sort of awestruck look on his face. Sam drapes his arm around Derek's shoulder. Derek's eyes fall once again to Sam's very large erect cock, which is out in stiff in all its magnificent glory. He really has a stunning cock. Derek's not been able to keep his eyes off. Sam's raging boner for long. Ever since Sam undressed the man is a Greek statue. Sam gently guides Derek to an open spot that just appeared on the ottoman. He pushes Derek to sit, which brings Sam's hard shaft right in front of Derek. If Bob Seductively in front of Derek.

Ruan:               As Sam moves slightly, he's hypnotized by the beauty of it. So near to his eyes, he cautiously reaches for Sam's cock, then glances up to make eye contact with Sam. Sam nods his approval. Keep your eyes on mine, Derek. It's a command, but Derek willingly complies because this is exactly what Derek wants. Mallory's statement from earlier today flips across his brain. If you see a cock you want suck it, he opens his mouth and leans towards Sam's hard dick and takes it into his mouth. The feel of his cockhead filling Derek's mouth is exactly what he's been longing for, but the sigh Sam gives as Derek begins to suck him and takes his member deeper into his mouth, is to die. For Derek so turned on his own dick couldn't get any harder than it already is. The sounds he's bringing Sam to make with his blowjob alone or almost making him come, he doesn't touch his own dick as he sucks Sam's because he doesn't wanna come yet.

Ruan:               There's way too much to do before that should happen. After a few minutes, I'm enjoying blowing Sam, which Derek could keep doing. For about an hour or so, Sam tugs on Derek's arms signaling that he, he should rise. Sam pulls Derek close and whispers that was very delicious and very hot. You give a very excellent blowjob, but now I'd like to fuck your ass. Derek's cock twitches thining odds. He's realizing he's under the spell of Sam's sexy, dominant demeanor and it's exactly what he's been desiring for years. Sam kisses Derek and the kiss sends fireworks off and Derek. Derek has always thought that analogy was stupid and unrealistic, but Sam is disproving that because Derek feels explosions firing off inside him. Derek's cock tip is fresh to Sam's cock and as they move, they're two cocks rubbed together. It's so fucking delicious that Derek fears he's going to come too fast and the fun will be over.

Ruan:               He thinks of unpleasant things to stave off the climax, like cleaning a toilet, picking up dog poop to get his brain off. This sexy, irresistible man. Sam pulls out of the kiss and grabs Derek's shoulders to turn him around. Sam presses his body to Dereks and caresses his hands all down his torso before stroking. Derek's cock Derek lets out a groan that sounds louder to him than the whole mass of fucking bodies in front of him. He's watching all of this going on in front of him, but it's like he and Sam are in their own microcosm. Sam bends Derek over and that act alone charges up Derek's lust to peak heights. Sam reaches to the side of Derek fur lube and pays a dollop at Derek's anus. Derek tips his ass upwards for Sam presenting it to him. He and Mallory had been practicing anal stuff with toys, so he's ready for this.

Ruan:               Even let her peg him for the first time the other day to get him ready for the party. Plus, he had wanted his first anal sex to be with Mallory. His heart is pounding so hard. His panting is so rampant. He feels as if he will explode. As Sam presses a finger into Derrick's ass, Derrick gasps his body, mind, and soul are ready to accept the best cock he will likely ever have in his entire life. Sam pulls his finger out of Derek's asshole and leans in. He rubs his cock all over Derek's ass cheeks and spanks his ass with his hard shaft. Derek Wims. Oh please. He says in a soft pleading voice, please, Sam do it. Sam grins deeply impresses his cockhead gently into Derek's anus. Both men grown. The satisfaction is unmistakable in their sounds. This is heaven to them both. Oh oh.

Ruan:               Sam begins to increase his thrusting and proceeds to fuck Derek as he's never been fucked before in his entire life, at least by cock Derek loves how aggressively Sam slams into him from behind the skin. Smack sounds alone turned Derek on even more. He bounces forward from the thrust grunting with each one, but in keeping his hands on the furniture to stabilize himself, he's not able to stroke his own cock. His cock swings with each pounding of his ass that Sam delivers. Derek's orgasm is looming fast. He's helpless as he can't stop the rise. Not even slow it. Derek excuses come despite his dismay to do this early on in the rj. He feels shame at coming already. Plus he's sure it has landed on the ottoman. He worries about that slightly, but then he almost chuckles. This is likely not the first time come, has landed on this monstrosity covered in upholstery.

Ruan:               He's being ridiculous. His panting is out of control. His heart is beating so ferociously. He doesn't remember ever coming that hard and his entire life. The spasms keep going and so does Sam. Sam's not done with his ass. As Derek recovers a bit from his massive orgasm, his cock thickens as he watches Mallory getting fucked from behind by a man. All her tits are being sucked from beneath her body by Maria. It's a lovely and delicious sight he won't likely ever forget, and he's very happy about that. As Sam continues to slam into his ass like a machine. Derek's body is gyrating in the air as a woman slides beneath him from the side. She's a very cute and petite redhead who looks about his and Mallory's age. She smiles at Derek and reaches up to Caressa hiss cheek. He smiles and nuzzles his face into her touch. She presents her per little nipples to his mouth suck she says in a commanding tone, which also implies a bit of a question.

About the Author

Sarah Martin, MA, CSC is CEO of Dignified Hedonist, a sexuality support company that helps horny people get laid ethically. Sarah loves rainbows, books, and Pokemon Go.

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